Who we are

We are a sound recording studio in Vilnius, Lithuania. Europe, that is.

We have been producing professional Lithuanian voice overs for local and international clients since 2007.

We are proud to help companies like Procter & Gamble, the Discovery Channel, Palmolive-Colgate and many others to engage local audiences on a daily basis through major national media channels.

Let us share our local knowledge and provide you with a great sounding Lithuanian voice over and impeccable project management for your next project in our market.

Our key services

  • Lithuanian voice overs for TV and radio advertising

  • Huge voice database with 500+ professional Lithuanian voices

  • Mixing & mastering for broadcast in Lithuanian TV channels

  • Our own recording studio in Vilnius, Lithuania

  • Editing of video titles and packshot graphics

  • Russian, Latvian, Estonian voice overs

Baltic voice overs and content localisation

Many clients choose us as their one-stop solution for audio/video post-production services for the whole Baltic region, which typically includes Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.

Having experience in the field and being aware of the local advertising standards we can deliver localised and broadcast-ready content in a fast and cost effective way.

In additional to Lithuanian, we also provide professional Russian, Latvian, Estonian, Polish, English, Chinese and other voice overs.

Video post-production services

  • Translation and editing of video titles

  • Product graphics and titles editing

  • Voice over script translation and localization

  • Broadcast-ready material delivery to TV channels

Our quality sample

You can download our studio quality sample here (a completely raw unprocessed 24 bit 48 kHz wave recording file). All recording sessions are performed with an experienced session director and a sound engineer. Our clients are able to listen-in and direct the session in real time using Skype.

The Baltic market in general

“I thought you guys all speak Russian there anyway, don’t you?”

In short, the answer is no.

For those planning to advertise in mass media in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia (otherwise known as the Baltic region) and who are not sure which languages make a good choice we took a minute to put together some information below that could provide some insights.

Total population:
~3 million
Population composition by native language:

84.1% Lithuanian

6.6% Polish

5.8% Russian

Advertising languages:


(Russian or Polish may be used when targeting respective audiences through their specific media channels)

Total population:
~2 million
Population composition by native language:

62.1% Latvian

26.9% Russian


Advertising languages:

Latvian and Russian

Total population:
~1,3 million
Population composition by native language:

69.8% Estonian

24.8% Russian


Advertising languages:

Estonian and Russian