Our service update regarding COVID-19

To control the spread of COVID-19 virus, on 16 March 2020 the Government of Lithuania declared a nationwide quarantine effective immediately until 30 March 2020.

During this period we expect our studio to function normally, with our project managers and talents conducting as much work remotely as possible.

We are coordinating with a growing list of local talents who have the equipment and ability to record their voices at home and meet our requirements for audio delivery quality. We will prioritize working with such talents over the next coming weeks.

We expect a small number of talents to be unavailable for in-studio sessions due to home quarantine after traveling to severely virus-affected countries or being in contact with somebody who has. Therefore, we will check all existing bookings and notify all parties involved in case there is a need for voice replacement and if delivery deadlines are affected.

Music styling, licensing, composition and SFX/sound design parts of our activities are not affected at all and continue as usual.

Please don’t hesitate to contact your project manager if in any doubt. We are here to make sure that all projects are continuing to run smoothly, as they have always been.

We appreciate you doing business with us. We hope you are safe and things will be back to normal very soon.

Robertas Maliauka
owner / producer